We are back!

We are back! Its been a long haul and the pandemic is still with us but we are preparing to get back out there when we are able. We look forward to working with Seatrek Sailing Adventures in December 2022.

Recently, Angela entered a Photography Competition and she was very pleased to be announced as the Winner of the 1st Prize. Here is her winning picture. A stingless jellyfish at Mool Island in Indonesia. her prize is to have a coral rack named after her. Well done Angela.

There is good news in Bali. Even though we are not able to run our trips and work on our conservation efforts out in the remote areas of eastern Indonesia we can still help Corals and Fish here at our home port. Thanks to Seatreks partners, Ocean Gardener and Ripcurl school of surf, the coral and fish restoration project is doing well and GROWING! We have added one rack with three more racks on the way.

Stingless Jellyfish Misool Island


The Naturally Wild Company Adventures Return

“Sail with us to Paradise”

In December 2023 we will lead an entomological /arachnological orientated trip with excursions on to a number of islands including the most beautiful and remote islands of Raja Ampat where we will swim on stunning coral reefs and witness the stunning Birds of Paradise.

We  will visit a number of remote islands and trek deep into rain forests in search of butterflies, beetles and bugs. Not forgetting of course the odd spider we hope to come across. We will snorkel in crystal clear waters and get up close and personal with some of the most amazing marine life on the planet. Snorkel with turtles and got up close with Manta rays and Whale Sharks. An adventure not to be missed. Visit Seatrek Sailing Adventures for more details or simply email me.


The Red Bird Of Paradise

Wilsons’s Bird of Paradise

Wallaces Golden Wing Butterfly on Bachan Island

Golden Wing Caterpillar

Wallace’s Standard Wing Bird Of Paradise