The Naturally Wild Company Lectures

Here are just some of the lectures we offer. Please contact me for bookings.

2019/20 will see The Naturally Wild Company as busy as ever. After a very successful trip to Indonesia this year we will be offering the following lectures in addition to those already available.

Over the last twenty years I have delivered many presentations to diverse events and audiences all over the UK. I am passionate about reconnecting people with nature, and the conservation of the Worlds endangered species – all of which infuse my entertaining wildlife talks. “  Ray Hale

  • Sarawak, Spiders and a 160 year old mystery: The search for Wallace’s Spider
  • Mary Anning: A Remarkable Woman in a Mans World (New for 2021)
  • Wild Indonesia: A Journey of Discovery
  • Plastic: Saving the Planet doesn’t have to cost us the Earth (NEW for 2019)
  • Camouflage and Adaptation in the Animal Kingdom
  • Saving The Old Man of The Forest: The Natural History of the Orang utan
  • Sir James Brooke: The First White Rajah Of Sarawak, Headhunters and Pirates
  • Darwin and Wallace: Two Very Different Naturalists
  • Angkor Wat: Cambodia and the Eighth Wonder of The World
  • Vietnam : A Country Not a War
  • Gideon Mantell: The Dinosaur Doctor of Lewes (NEW)
  • Here Be Dragons: The Story of Komodo (NEW)
  • Indonesian Wildlife (NEW)
  • Alfred Russel Wallace: A Very English Naturalist
  • Henry Walter Bates: Eleven Years on The Amazon
  • Charles Darwin: The Man Who Changed The World
  • The Search For Endangered Species in Borneo
  • The Jewels Of South East Asia
  • The Philippines:Untamed Paradise (NEW)
  • Palawan: The Best Island in the World (NEW)
  • Sabah: The Land Beneath The Wind (NEW)
  • Sarawak: Headhunters and Cats (NEW)
  • Singapore: The Garden City
  • Spiders and Insects of South East Asia
  • A Stroll Along An English Country Lane (Summer Days)
  • A Stroll along and English Country Lane (Winter Walks)
  • Spiders and Insects of the United Kingdom

Lecture Synopsis for 2019/2020

The Flora and Fauna of Indonesia

In 2018 we had the privilege to lead a tour for a small cruise company. We visited many of the islands between Bali and Rincha. We visited Lombok, Moyo and Satonda and Komodo. This lecture shows just some of the amazing people and the superb wildlife that is endemic to this beautiful archilpelago.

Vietnam : A Country not a War

The weight of Vietnam’s history rest heavy on its shoulders. To many people mention of Vietnam conjures images and memories best forgotten but today almost 40 years after the bloody conflict ended Vietnam is an emerging economic giant with a people that welcome one and all to their beautiful country. I will tell you the story of this wonderful country and show you some of it’s amazing wildlife and people.


Cambodia and the Temples of Angkor Wat.

If the weight of Vietnam rests heavy then that of Cambodia squeezes the very breath from it. From the terror of Pol Pot and the infamous Khmer Rouge the beautiful people of Cambodia have not only survived but have grown and risen. The ancient temples of Angkor Wat are testiment to the resiliance of these gentle people.


Sir James Brooke: Pirates, Headhunters and Englishmen.

Sir James Brooke was hated by many and yet loved by more. He was admonished by his own goverment but admired by his monach. He was accused of piracy and murder and yet in the same year was made a knight of the realm. James Brooke ruled over a nation of 200,000 souls and had at his command an army of 30,00 headhunters. Join me as I tell you the story of Sir James Brooke , the First White Rajah Of Sarawak.


Into the Heart of Borneo. A Unique insight into a disappearing world.

Ray and Angela have visited the wilds of Borneo many times and have photographed an amazing array of both people and wildlife. This travelogue lecture shows the highs and lows of their trips. From meeting wild orang u tans on a jungle path to witnessing first-hand the devastation that logging continues to cause. Sabah is one of the last bastions of primary rainforest and the Naturally Wild Company are committed to helping save the threatened wildlife. Join Ray on a fascinating trip that will leave you aching to make the journey yourself.


Spiders and Tarantulas of South East Asia

Spiders and tarantulas in particular, have fascinated Ray from a child and he has realised his dream to find them in the wild. Whether it is the elusive Earth Tigers of Borneo or the brightly coloured jumping spiders of Sabah he has photographed the weird and wonderful arachnids that inhabit our precious rainforests.


Last Chance to See.

Wallace once described the Malay Archipelago as “ The Garden of God”. This lecture brings together some of the most amazing endangered creatures and plants that exist in this lush paradise. From the Sumatran Rhino to the tiny Bornean Orchid, 3mm in diameter, this is a probably a last chance to see them before they disappear forever.


A Stroll Along An English Country Lane

The English countryside conceals a myriad of creatures. A summer’s day reveals the mini-beasts that lurk at every turn. Enjoy some of the most fascinating and yet probably the most overlooked creatures of England.


 Camouflage and Trickery in the Animal Kingdom

Animals have developed an infinite number of ways to survive. From weird and wonderful shapes to amazing colours, all have one aim …to continue the speciesSONY DSC

Darwin and Wallace: Two Very different Naturalists

Charles Darwin is accredited with the theory of evolution. But where did he find his inspiration and who were his influences? From his early years at Shrewsbury Grammar School and his epic five year voyage on board The HMS Beagle  to his later years at Down House he devoted his life to his World changing work.

Wallace is the most famous biologist you have never heard of. A man who lived in Darwin’s shadow and yet without his input  Darwin might never have published his work. Wallace is a man to whom we should  be indebted. 2013 is the centenary of Wallace’s death. The BBC have produced the following documentary


Saving the Old Man of the Forest:The Natural History of  the Orangutan


Once found throughout Southeast Asia, this species of ape now survives only in small populations across the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. The orang utan is the largest tree dwelling mammal. Just ten years ago the estimated population was around 27,000, today it could be as low as 15,000. Indonesia and Malaysia were once covered in forest, but 40 years ago the wood became a valuable commodity as timber and the land perfect for farming and overzealous agriculture fast cleared the orang utans’ natural habitat. In this lecture learn more about these wonderful endearing animlas and find out what we can do to help them.

Take a look at this wonderful place at




Sepilok Orangutan Appeal visit: http://www.orangutan-appeal.org.uk/