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The Naturally Wild Company to lead a tour to Indonesia in 2018.

Hi everyone. Angela and myself have been offered a unique opportunity to lead an expedition out to Indonesia for a specialist cruise company. They are called

See Trek Sailing Adventures

and operate two ships out in Indonesia.


We are planning an entomological/ arachnological orientated trip with excursions on to a number of islands including the remote island of Komodo where we will see “Dragons” in their natural habitat. This is a one off opportunity to get right into the heart of one of the most beautiful National Parks in Indonesia and accompany us on a field trip that you will never forget.



The ship visits a number of remote places and drops anchor allowing you to swim, snorkel and spend time on some of the most untouched virgin islands in the area. The cruise runs from 9th-16th September and is an 8D/7N trip. For more details visit their amazing site here or contact me on or!/pages/dances-dragons-and-magical-lakes-i-ii/cruiseId/58/#/tabItinerary1

e-mail me at for more details.