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Hello and welcome to my new page. As you all know I am one half of the amazing Naturally Wild Company with my husband Ray being the other. What you may not know is that I am also an artist. I am based in Sussex, England.  I specialise in hand painted pet portraits and wildlife paintings ranging from domestic animals to the stunning creatures that roam this amazing planet. 

I started painting a long time ago but life got in the way. Now as we live through these strange times I have taken up my brushes once again.Animals and painting pet portraits is my passion. Together myself and Ray have travelled the World in search of amazing creatures and whilst I enjoy photographing them I have to admit painting them is a pleasure and far more fun. I love all animals and at home as well as assorted creepy critters we have  a cat who watches the world go by.

Pets and animals  mean the world to us and in these dark days we all need the company and mental wellbeing they can bring to us. They are such an integral part of our life. I would love to be able to create a beautiful portrait of your pet.  I don’t just paint dog and cat portraits, if you have a request for a more unusual animal (even spiders!) then I am happy to accommodate you. My work is designed to help you obtain a wonderful tribute to whatever pet or animal you   love.

Here are some of the most recent portraits I have done. I hope you like them. If you wish to have a portrait done of your pet or even of an animal you love most in the World then drop me an email on


Angela Hale 2021

Angela at work…….. 

Angela’s latest creation painted for two of our oldest friends. 

“The Three Amigos”

Dickens, Darwin and Raven


The image below is available as a limited 10x 8 print at


The image below can be purchased as a Birthday Card from Orangutan Appeal UK


“Shadow and Strider”








Whilst sorting out some old artwork I came across these scraperboard pictures that i did in 1977. I will be taking it back up very soon.

Scraperboard: 1977  Rtchie Blackmore and Paul Kossoff

Tom Petty 1977