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The Naturally Wild Company to lead a tour to Indonesia in 2018.1_9d4583fcb4fff415d30589c41a8aa166c76a30ab

Hi everyone. Angela and myself have been offered a unique opportunity to lead an expedition out to Indonesia for a specialist cruise company. They are called

See Trek Sailing Adventures

and operate two ships out in Indonesia

We are planning an entomological/ arachnological orientated trip with excursions on to a number of islands including the remote island of Komodo where we will see “Dragons” in their natural habitat. This is a one off opportunity to get right into the heart of one of the most beautiful National Parks in Indonesia and accompany us on a field trip that you will never forget.



The ship visits a number of remote places and drops anchor allowing you to swim, snorkel and spend time on some of the most untouched virgin islands in the area. The cruise runs from 9th-16th September and is an 8D/7N trip. For more details visit their amazing site here or contact me on




SARAWAK 2017……

The Naturally Wild Company have just returned form a very successful expedition to

Sarawak. We went looking for Wallace’s Spider, not seen alive since 1856.

Did we find it?

You will have to read my new blog on our trip . I can tell you that we did find some VERY interesting critters incluidng a potential new species or even genus of cave tarantula.

We met the 1st Minister of Sarawak and his wife at the Astana palace


…..and got down deep and dirty in a cave full of bat guano and tarantulas as big as your hand.


Watch this space (albeit a tight one!)


Dates for your Diary 2017

Upcoming Events

ACRES Adult College For rural East Sussex, November 3rd

“A Journey to the East”

Crowborough Local History Group, November 7th

“Gideon Mantell, The Dinosaur Doctor of Lewes”

Fishbourne WI Science Group,14th November

“Gideon Mantell, The Dinosaur Doctor of Lewes”

Arundel Wetlands, 20th November

“The Jewels of South East Asia”

Eastbourne U3A, 23rd November

“The Jewels of South East Asia”

Drusillas Zoo Park, 11th November

Spider Phobia Day

Are you afraid of spiders? Do you shiver at the thought of one?

We can help you. Our spider phobia course has had a 100% success rate.

Since it started in 2014 we have cured arachnophobes from all over the UK

This time has come to face your fear and  to cure those with the irrational fear of spiders.

13th October 2018

Spider Saturday (Drusillas)

Visit Trips to find out when and where you can join us on a trip of a lifetime or read about our latest adventure on Indonesia 2016 Blog. If your club would like to book us for a lecture please check out out Lectures or Hire Me page and drop us an e-mail or call 07516 461 957. We are constantly adding new lectures.

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