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Upcoming Events

At the moment the World has stopped and many of our lectures have been cancelled. We are busy though writing and getting ready to get back out there. Stay safe everyone and remember that its still a beautiful planet.

Hera are a few of the Lectures we hope to be giving soon

Usk Civic Society: “The Search For Wallace’s Spider” Wednesday 31st March 2021: 7.00pm: ZOOM

Boshams Womens Institute: “Spiders, Friends or Foe” Wednesday 5th May 2021: 2.30pm        ZOOM

Ovingdeans Garden Club: “Trickery In the Animal Kingdom” Thursday 6th May 2021:7.00pm    ZOOM

Leicester Secular Society: “Borneo” 9th May 2021:7.00pm                                                        ZOOM

Westbourne Women’s Institute: “An English Country Lane”  12th May 2021:7.30pm                   ZOOM

Findon Women’s Institute:” Plastic, Saving The Planet” 13th May 2021:7.30pm                          ZOOM

Seddlescombe Thusrday Club:”The Orangutan” 10th June 2021: 10.30am                                 In Person


Spider Phobia Day: Drusilla Zoo Park

(See  Drusillas Facebook Page for details)

Are you afraid of spiders? Do you shiver at the thought of one?

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Since its inception in 2014 we have cured arachnophobes from all over the UK

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