Hire Me!

I offer a range of services that include:

  • Natural History Lectures

Over the last twenty years I have delivered many lectures to events and audiences across the UK. I am passionate about reconnecting people with nature and the conservations of the World’s endangered species- all of which infuse my wildlife talks.I can promise you a throughly professional presentation-engaging,entertaining and fun.

  • Natural History Displays

Our displays incorporate a wide variety of animals and whislt being entertaining and exciting we are concious of the need to educate. We use the National Curriculum as our template and introduce the viewer to a host of fascinating creatures all with a story to tell.

DSCN0461Angela with a typical display

  • Corporate Presentations

I am often invited to talk at corporate events. Being a team player is key to the sucess of any business and having spent many years in the jungles of Borneo, where you are reliant on your team often for your own safety, I am ideally qualified to bring my experiences to your staff.


  • Photography

Wildlife photography has been a passion of mine since I acquired my first instamatic camera as a young boy and I photograped my first spider. Since then I have travelled the world photographing animals in their natural habitat. During my lectures learn how to find and capture on film amazing creatures from the smallest insect to the mighty Orangutan.


  • Health and Safety Consultation (NEBOSH Qualified)

During my professional career I have been a Health and Safety Consultant for many businesses. I am NEBOSH qualified and will visit your site and carry out risk assessments and provide you with all the required Health and Safety advice.