Lifetime Trekking

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When you have the prospect of a very long trek ahead of you with as many ascendt as descents you sometimes wonder and begin to doubt yourself, you ask questions whether you were insane to consider this  in the first place.
You are being challenged physically as much as mentally. You are out of your comfort zone but, unlike your daily life, you cannot just give up. You have to keep moving forward, you need to persevere. You need to survive.
At the end, when you have finally reach your destination, you sit down, take a sip of a lovely chilled beer and although you are totally exhausted you slowly gain that feeling inside you – the feeling of pride,  a sense of accomplishment. Your confidence is raised to a maximum.  You have achieved a small victory within yourself. You have just overcome your weakness.
Now, all you need is to repeat this process the  next day, and another …and another.
When you are back to your daily life. Suddenly your problems and obstacles do not look so overwhelming. The confidence and energy you have replenished on a retreat are helping you with day to day life and they here to stay…
Lifetime Trekking