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Recent Events for The Naturally Wild Company

  • West Hoathy WI March 2019: Who would have though that after all these years being afraid of spiders I would now relish finding one in my garden. Unbelievable. Thank you Ray for a wonderful enlightenment. We need more like you!
  • Seaford Horticultural Society :Ray never fails to impress us with his knowledge of the natural world and his photos are simply stunning.
  • Ringmer Evening WI March 2019:I have been attending Ringmer WI for 30 years and I can honestly say that Rays lecture was a highlight for me. His passion and enthusiasm for his subject is beyond belief. It is nice to see some one who really cares about what he is doing. Well done Ray “
  • The Eastbourne Sussex Wildlife trust Group. “LAST CHANCE TO SEE” “Just a short note to thank you on behalf of the Group for another fantastic talk at our meeting last night.  It really was a most enjoyable evening with your talk packed full of information, delivered with enthusiasm and just the right touches of humour.  The photos were great and although I personally found it impossible to pick out just one favourite from them all, I have to say that for me the various close ups of the insects were exceptional.  Also our thanks to Angela for her considerable contribution by way of the photos etc and her sharp eyes in spotting some of the species you may otherwise have missed.”
  • Hassock Field Society February 2019: “TRICKERY IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM”. Once again Ray did not fail to impress us all with his knowledge. He will be back next year.
  • Ditchling Footpath Conservation Society: His subject was the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. The chairman later said that in 52 years of him running the society he had never heard such an interesting lecture.
  • Raystede Animal  Sanctuary:Ray thrilled our visitors with his amazing display of spiders. Thanks you so much for giving up your time to come and talk to us.”It was great day and we are proud to be associated with such a worthy cause”:

Ray and Angela on “The One Show” with naturalist George McGavin


  • Crawley Camera Club: “Ray’s lecture left us all on the edge of our seats and wanting to visit Borneo for ourselves. We will certainly welcome him back in 2012.”
  • Orr and St Helens Camera Club:“”WOW”!!!!!!!   Have you got something to live up to next time you visit us! The response I have received has been the best yet for any speaker at the club and your pictures were wonderful. Congratulations for the wonderful evening and I hope you can come back in  April 2013. Thank You again for the wonderful lecture. Kindest Regards to you both and have a wondeful christmas and New Year”
  • Peacehaven Womens Institute: “Although we were all a little anxious about the subject of Ray’s talk, he soon made us feel at ease and we all learnt things about our eight legged friends that we didnt know. Wonderful !”
  • The Londons Wetlands Trust: “The Naturally Wild Company attend the Trust’s Halloween celebrations and brought along a number of spiders and insects. The weekend was a great success. Ray gave two excellent lectures to a packed house. Superb!”
  •  Seaford Photographic Society: “Ray has an encyclopeadic knowledge on wildlife. His passion for the rainforests and the endangered animals there in is an example to us all “
  •  Hailsham Photographic Society: “This was a little different for us away from our normal type of lecture. We are so glad that we booked Ray. He has us enthralled at his tales of Head Hunters and Pythons. Excellent photographs taken in difficult situations.”
  •  The Arundel Wetlands Trust:“Many thanks for an entertaining and educational weekend. We look forward to you coming back in November”
  • East Grinstead Natural History Group:“Darwin and Wallace. Two Very Different Naturalists”It was nice to see someone with so much passion and knowledge of their subject. We cant wait to have Ray back very soon”
  • Birdham WI:“Darwin. A Naturalists Life” “Ray fascinated us with his explanation of Evolution and Darwin,s Life. We all learnt so much”
  • Adult College For East Sussex:“The Search For Endangered Species in Borneo” “It is such a pleasure to hear someone with such a wide knowledge of wildlife. We could have listened to him all afternoon. Come back soon”

Recent Posts

Life after Covid




I am sure we are all looking forward to the lifting of lockdown restrictions in April, May and June. We hope that with the production of the vaccine we can all begin to return to a normality within our lives.

This is great news but we must all remember that Covid 19 has taken its toll on everyone. No matter how rich or poor this pandemic knows no boundaries. It respects no class or wealth division. Whilst many in the west have indeed suffered at its hand we should spare a moment to contemplate on the plight of those unfortunate souls in countries that rely on tourism to keep them economically afloat. Many remote islands in Indonesia have no electricity or clean water. They rely on daily deliveries from the larger islands to keep their communities alive. When the people cannot come they suffer greater hardships than we can imagine. We hope and pray that we will soon be able to see these poor people get back on to the road of economic recovery and look forward to the day when we can smile with them again.

Ray and Angela Hale


The Naturally Wild Company Adventures

“Sail with us to Paradise”

In 2020 we led an entomological /arachnological orientated trip with excursions on to a number of islands including the most beautiful and remote islands of Raja Ampat where we swam on stunning coral reefs and witnessed the stunning Birds of Paradise.

The Red Bird Of Paradise

Wilsons’s Bird of Paradise

Wallaces Golden Wing Butterfly on Bachan Island

Golden Wing Caterpillar

Wallace’s Standard Wing Bird Of Paradise

We  visited a number of remote islands and trekked into rain forests in search of butterflies, beetles and bugs. Not forgetting of course the odd spider we came across. We snorkelled in crystal clear waters and got up close and personal with some of the most amazing marine life on the planet. We snorkelled with turtles and got up close with Manta rays and whalesharks. An adventure not to be missed.