Gideon Mantell Memorial Lecture

Legend has it that in 1822, whilst Gideon Mantell, a local Doctor, was out on his patient visits with his young wife,  Mary, she  noticed a small smooth rock at the side of the road. Reaching down she recognised it as something special and on showing it to her husband  he proclaimed it to be the tooth of a long past giant herbivore reptile. What followed was to change the way in which the World viewed its own history. The path was not always smooth and Mantell faced much resistance to his heretic ideas but common sense prevailed and today we recognise this great mans contribution to our understanding of the past. 

I was honoured to have been invited to give a lecture on Gideon Mantell at Lewes Town Hall on 7th February 2019 at his Birthday Memorial Lecture. Mantell was instrumental in suggesting that giant reptiles walked the earth long before man. Often overlooked, his discovery of the Iguanodon was to change the World.

The Gideon Mantell Birthday Memorial Lecture 2019

Gideon Mantell

Born 3rd February 1790

The Dinosaur Doctor of Lewes


The Fossil that

Changed the World

A Lecture by Ray Hale