11th November  2014

Today is of course a special day. A day when we should all stand silent and remember the war dead. Those souls that gave their lives so we might enjoy our lives. 100 years since the outbreak of WWI. We must never forget their sacrifice.

16th November 2013

This week saw us visit a local Womens Institute to give the wonderful ladies there a  lecture on Borneo. I was amazed when I had finished my talk, an old lady who most would pass by in the street without a second glance, sidles up to me and tells me that during WW2 she was a resistance fighter with the Iban and then proceeds to show me a tribal tattoo done by the original tapping method.

13th November 2013

Well this week we have been busy here at the Naturally Wild company.  Angela has been on the local radio talking about the invasion of “flesh eating spiders” otherwise known as the totally harmless Steatodo nobilis or False Widow (The clue is in the name guys! Thank you Daily Star for your amazing journalism). Then we get a call that a giant huntsman with a 7″ legspan “and a deadly bite” (thats if you are a cricket!) has been found in Sussex. The RSPCA were called and the miscreant taken to Drusillas Park. Needless to say its not 7″ (closer to 4″) but still scary if you are afraid of spiders. “Hetty” (named after Heteropoda, the genus to which she belongs) is now safe and well and living out her retirement at the Zoo. What a week……phew

Take a look foryourself at ( dont believe everthing you read…)